Two Marketing Tips for New Yoga Teachers

If you're a newly qualified yoga teacher and want to market your teaching services, here are some tips to try.

1. Don't set up social media accounts until you've sought some marketing yoga help online

Social media platforms are great for new yoga teachers as, on most of them, you can post videos and photos of you demonstrating poses, teaching people and showcasing your yoga studio, for free. However, before diving in and setting up several social media accounts, you should search online for a marketing company or consultant who specialises in marketing the services of yoga teachers.

The reason for this is that if you try to manage your social media without a marketing specialist, not only will you probably find that you progress very slowly, but you might make errors that repel potential students. For example, if you specialise in yin yoga and only want to teach this very slow, calming and soothing style, but you post yoga videos on social media that feature very upbeat background music, and have a very energetic, fast-paced vibe, this could deter the type of people who are interested in taking some relaxing yin yoga classes.

A marketing specialist who is familiar with marketing yoga teachers' services will ensure you avoid making these mistakes and will help you to you post the right type of content, at the right times, and to follow the right accounts, to ensure you quickly rise to popularity as a yoga teacher.

2. Utilise more than one marketing strategy

If you consult a marketing specialist, they will probably advise you to use more than one marketing strategy. For example, in addition to using social media, they might also recommend that you purchase some advertising space in your local newspapers or buy a billboard sign. The reason for this is that in most large towns and cities, there are a plethora of yoga teachers for people to choose from and it could be challenging to convince those who are looking for a new yoga teacher to book your classes when you have not yet established yourself as one of the area's best teachers.

Getting a marketing consultant to help you market your teaching services online and offline will give you a better chance of boosting the number of people who come to your yoga classes than sticking to just one of these marketing strategies. Learn more by contacting services like Yoga Marketing.