Certified Data Protection Officer Training: Your Questions Answered

This article provides details about data protection officer training. If you are interested in this subject, read on to discover more. What is certified data protection officer training? The certified data protection officer training (DPO) qualification is the industry's response to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It reflects what is expected of a DPO and provides certification by a leading UK authority. What are the topics covered? The courses cover GDPR compliance, technology and data analysis. Read More 

4 Benefits of Wi-Fi Controlled Neon RGB LED Strip Lighting

For some time, standard fluorescent lighting has been the only type of light available to most people. Luckily, there is now a more advanced and convenient solution. That solution is Wi-Fi controlled neon RGB led strip lighting. Below is a guide to some of the benefits this type of lighting can offer you. Different colours Neon RGB led strip lights are also great for parties or special events. Many people use these lights during holidays to add some extra beauty to their home, and they can even be used for formal occasions such as weddings. Read More 

Is It Time To Replace Your Company Network?

Have you decided that it is finally time to replace your company network? Your computer network is at the heart of your business, and if you want to stay competitive, you must make the right choices to enable your business to thrive in the years ahead. An Ethernet and fibre optic cabling installation company can guide you through the design and installation of your new network. They will explain that there are several points that you must consider before you make your final decision about the type of network that you want to have fitted in your building. Read More